Benefits of a Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or have an unseasoned little sporty in your house, you will want to consider a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Physical contact is a part of most sports. Even if you don’t come into contact with someone else, there’s the potential that a piece of sports equipment will come into contact with you.

A sports mouth guard will offer you protection while you participate in your favorite sport and protect you from potential dental injuries. There are two types of mouth guards available to you. You may choose an over-the-counter sports mouth guard. These are made to fit most mouths and are made with the general population in mind. They are not formed to your specific needs and can therefore feel uncomfortable to wear. Or you can opt for a customized, comfortable sports mouth guard to protect your teeth. These mouth guards are form-fitted to your specific mouth. An impression is taken of your teeth, then the mouth guard is made from your impression to ensure that it fits securely and comfortably.

When you place something uncomfortable in your mouth, it can distract you from your full mental focus on the field or court. An ill-fitting mouth guard can also make you not want to wear it. A mouth guard that is not worn has lost all effectiveness for protection. On the other hand, a customized sports mouth guard will allow you to focus on your game.

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