Winning with Dental Implants

Dental implants have been offering patients with one of the best methods for replacing a missing tooth for a long time now. They have a success rate over 95% and have over 50 years of clinical research to back them up. They are a winning choice for many of our patients at Paul Jang Dentistry as well. We’ve noticed that not only do our patients have the missing tooth replaced and restored, but dental implants also offer our patients additional benefits that need to be celebrated.

A Winning Smile

Did you know that you have seven seconds to make your first impression? The power of a brilliant smile goes a long way in how people view you. Your full and brilliant smile will win the approval of everyone.

A Winning Attitude

When you suffer from a smile that has a missing tooth in it, it can tend to affect other aspects of your life. You may shy away from circumstances or situations that may require you to be in front of people. You may even be hesitant to date or approach someone you admire for fear of what they may think of you. With dental implants, your self-confidence will be boosted and your attitude for tackling every circumstance with assurance will be restored.

A Winning Security

Dental implants offer a secure smile and feeling for you. They are surgically fused with your jawbone to give you secure and stable results. Their function enables dental implants to feel as well as your original permanent teeth that they are replacing.

To get you on the road to a winning smile, call Dr. Paul Jang to book your appointment today.