General Dentistry

Let’s Talk About “Clean” Shall We?

Is the word “clean” a relative word in your house? We’d venture to say that it is in most homes. You may be living with a neat freak who likes straight lines in the pantry and closets. And then you may have a little loved one who announces, “My room is ‘all clean’ mom!” Upon further inspection (under the bed), all toys and belongings have been masterfully shoved so they are out of sight and out of mind, and will (hopefully) get the ‘all clear’ from momma to go and play now!

When it comes to dental health, there can be some confusion surrounding what a clean mouth looks like. Some may open their mouths, smile real big, and be fully satisfied that all is well because all looks well. Others may feel that because they fulfill their daily routine of brushing twice per day and flossing everyday, they are all clean as well.

While these signs can be good steps toward cleanliness, it’s important to have a professional dental cleaning about twice a year. Our dental professionals at Paul Jang Dentistry are trained to search for harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your mouth and harboring plaque. This plaque buildup can accumulate in the tiny grooves and crevices in the pits of your teeth. In time, your teeth begin to decay in those hidden areas which can lead to harmful results.

Book your dental cleaning and consultation with Dr. Jang today. At Paul Jang Dentistry, we care about the total health and cleanliness of your mouth.