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Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard Moorpark, CA

Do you or your children play sports that can lead to physical contact? Many children and adults have sustained serious damage to their teeth while participating in contact sports like basketball, football and even skateboarding. A sports mouth guard offers protection for your teeth while you enjoy your favorite sports and can prevent many dental injuries. Our team at Paul Jang Dentistry can create a customized, comfortable sports mouth guard with general dentistry to give you the right protection for your smile.

Caring for your new custom mouth guard is simple.

Your sports mouth guard should be kept in a solid container between uses to keep it safe. After each use, soak your mouth guard in warm soapy water to keep it clean and sanitized. Sports mouth guards are durable, but can have wear over time. Also, new growth and changes in your teeth can require a new mouth guard for the best fit. This is common in children and teens who need to wear a mouth guard during sports play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dental mouth guard?

Protection from tooth or soft tissue damage while playing sports is one reason you may need to wear a dental mouth guard. You may also need to protect your teeth from damage while you sleep if you have bruxism or grind your teeth at night. Some people wear a mouth guard to protect bridgework that is in place or to provide comfort while wearing braces.

What should I expect when my dentist fits me for a mouth guard?

To create your form-fitting mouth guard, we take an impression of your teeth during your visit. This impression is used to create your customized sports mouth guard that will fit comfortably and securely.

Should I follow any special instructions?

Our team will discuss how to care for your new mouth guard and when you should wear it before you leave our office. We also suggest you bring your mouth guard when you come in for checkups. This way we can check the fit and monitor it for damage.

Keep your smile safe while playing sports with a new mouth guard. Contact our office today to schedule a fitting for a customized sports mouth guard for you or your child.