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Provisional Restorations

Provisional Restorations Moorpark, CA

Certain dental restorations require a period of healing or creation of dental prosthetics at a dental lab before they can be completed. Dental bridges, crowns, veneers and implants are a few of these types of restorations that we offer at Paul Jang Dentistry. During the interim between the initial visit and the final fitting of your permanent restoration, a provisional or temporary restoration can be placed to give you oral function and a pleasing appearance.

Did you know…

Provisional restorations are a primary component of smile reconstructions. In addition to serving cosmetic purposes for patients with missing or damaged teeth, dental temporaries provide the following functions:

  • Reserving’ space for the permanent restoration by preventing surrounding tooth movement
  • Protecting reduced natural teeth that are prepped for restorations
  • Preserving the health and natural contours of the gums surrounding the restoration
  • Protecting exposed dentin from bacteria and plaque
  • Preventing tooth sensitivite
  • Facilitating normal eating and speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a provisional restoration during the course of my dental treatment?

Many restorations are created in a dental lab and may require a week or longer before they are ready to be permanently placed. In addition, surgical treatments like dental implants may require months of healing before the final fitting can be completed. If you are getting a crown, bridge, implant or veneers, you may need a provisional restoration put in place for temporary function.

What should I expect when being fitted for a dental temporary?

Like your permanent restorations, your provisional or temporary restoration will use impressions or images to create a fitting for your teeth. We will make sure your temporaries fit properly and are comfortable. This gives you an idea of how your permanent restoration will appear and function for eating and speaking while you wait for your final fitting.

Will I need to follow any special guidelines after receiving my temporary restoration?

There are reasons provisional restorations are only meant to be used temporarily. They are held in place with temporary bonding that can be removed easily. We will give you instruction on what to avoid and how to care for your provisional restorations. You may only need to wear them for a few days or weeks for most restorations like crowns or veneers. However, for surgical restorations like implants, it may be months before your permanent restoration can be secured into place.

Our team at Paul Jang Dentistry wants to ensure that you have a functional, healthy smile at all stages of our dental treatments. Provisional restorations allow you to have a beautiful smile and function while we prepare your permanent restoration. Contact our office today and ask about the options available for temporaries during your restoration consultation.