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Tooth Pain/Jaw Pain Relief

TMJ Treatment Moorpark, CA

Tooth Pain Relief

Waking up with a painful tooth or an aching jaw can be a bad start to your day. It is hard to concentrate or have a good attitude when you are in any sort of oral pain. When your tooth hurts or you have jaw pain, it is a sign that something is wrong. Let our friendly team at Paul Jang Dentistry get to the bottom of your oral pain and give you relief with general dentistry. Our expert team and advanced dental technology can identify the problem and find the right treatment to stop your pain.

Tooth pain can be caused by many different issues. Commonly, decay or infection can make a tooth ache or become sensitive to certain substances. Damage to the tooth can also cause pain, especially if it exposes the inner nerves. Our team can perform a comprehensive exam to determine what is causing the pain. Often the issue can be resolved the same day if you need a tooth repaired or decay removed. Even if it will require more than one visit, we will make sure to relieve your discomfort and get the problem resolved quickly.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

If it is not a tooth but your jaw that is in pain, it is important to find the cause. For some, jaw pain is a symptom of TMJ or TMD, a disorder of the jaw joint and muscles. Others may have an alignment issue that is causing their jaw to ache, or suffer from bruxism, a clenching or grinding disorder. Jaw pain can make it difficult to chew and even talk, so it is important to find the problem and get this issue resolved. Treatment can include orthodontics, wearing a dental nightguard or dental repairs, depending on the cause of the stress on your jaw.

If you have tooth or jaw pain, contact our office in Moorpark today. We can help find the cause and give you relief from your oral pain with a pleasant visit to our clinic.