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Receding Gums

Receding Gum Treatment

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Do your teeth look longer than they used to? These are signs of gum recession. While receding gums are not always serious, any changes within your gum tissues need to be evaluated by a dental professional. At Paul Jang Dentistry, we proudly offer excellence when it comes to receding gum treatment. We address gum recession early before it requires grafting or other more invasive therapies. In order to treat your gum recession, however, it is important to determine what is causing the gums to shrink or pull away from the tooth root. While gum recession can occur in healthy gums or as a natural part of aging, it can also mean that periodontal disease is present. Regardless of the cause, you can trust Dr. Jang to utilize proven general dentistry techniques to remedy the aesthetic threat and painful sensitivity of receding gums.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

When the gums bleed during brushing or appear puffy or swollen, it is a warning sign that their health is in danger. The gums can get irritated and infected when plaque and tartar are allowed to accumulate along the tooth roots and gum line. This triggers bacterial growth that can eventually eat away at the surrounding connective tissues and underlying bone. Bleeding and swelling within the gums are often some of the first symptoms of early gum disease or gingivitis. At Paul Jang Dentistry, we are well equipped to treat gum disease and give you the relief you deserve from these types of gum irritations. In result, we can often save patients from tooth loss and threats to their overall health.

If you notice that your gums are receding, bleeding or swollen, contact our Moorpark office right away. We take a prompt and proactive approach to your gum health. All of our dental services are offered in a warm, relaxing environment to make you feel at home. In addition, Dr. Jang is an experienced and highly respected dentist who values the importance of building trusted relationships with his patients. We care about the person behind the smile!